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Andrew Fearman is an AMSA accredited marine surveyor, providing domestic commercial vessel surveys in Tasmania.

As a qualified Marine Engineer, Andrew has more than 15 year's seagoing experience. Andrew has worked on a variety of vessels including tankers, fast ferries, offshore oil and gas platforms, tug boats and a 60m private yacht. During his time as a qualified marine engineer, he has served in the positions of Chief Engineer, Superintendent and as an Owner’s Technical Representative for the build of a 33m hybrid drive cruise vessel.

Andrew has an additional 7 year's experience working as a Marine Surveyor with Marine and Safety Tasmania, surveying a large range of commercial vessels around the state in order to ensure their compliance with the National Standard for Commercial Vessels.

Prior to joining Maritime Survey Australia, Andrew worked for Van Diemen Luxury Craft as Principal Designer and Project Manager, which saw him oversee the development of custom boat designs, ensuring they meet all the necessary criteria for commercial survey. Andrew continues to work as a boat builder and designer with experience in composites and aluminium.

To arrange a new vessel survey or a periodic survey, please contact Andrew on

Marine survey services offered by MSA in Tasmania include:

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