14 Aug 2017

Tragedy aboard the fishing vessel, Louisa (SY30), should be a reminder that fatigue can kill

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Back in April 2016, the fishing vessel, Louisa (SY30), encountered a tragedy, with the unfortunate drowning of its skipper and two of his crew. Having worked a long day, the skipper and his crew retired for bed for the night, anchoring the vessel close to…

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20 Jul 2017

How do I choose a Marine Surveyor?

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There are many people advertising themselves as Marine surveyors. There is no legal requirement for qualifications, however there is no substitute for experience, qualifications, training and continuous professional development. For reassurance you should look for membership of a regulatory body as they monitor and maintain…

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21 May 2017

AMSA Levy and Fees for Australian Domestic Commercial Vessel Operators

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AMSA have released the Draft fees and levies for Australian domestic commercial vessel operators. This will have an impact on the industry, and you have the ability to have a say here Who does this affect? The National System levy and fees will affect…

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2 Apr 2017

Understanding your Compass

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A compass is a device that indicates direction. It is one of the most important instruments for navigation. Magnetic compasses are the most well-known type of compass. They have become so popular that the term “compass” almost always refers a magnetic compass. While the design…

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