5 Nov 2018

Victorian Level Crossing Removal Project - Waterway Management Audit

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Maritime Survey Australia completed an audit on the waterway management in place to manage closures on Patterson River while bridge construction works took place at Carrum, in support of the Victorian level crossing removal project.

Waterway closure management audit
The Southern Program Alliance (SPA) who are undertaking the level crossing removal project in Southern Victoria needed to make closures on Patterson River to allow bridge works to be completed. SPA engaged Maritime Survey Australia (MSA) to undertake an audit of the waterway closure management to determine their compliance with legislative requirements.

Review and audit
MSA initially conducted a review of plans, risk assessments and notices to mariners to verify compliance with Victorian Marine Safety Act, the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) and Transport Safety Victoria.

Following the review, audits were undertaken on Patterson River during daylight and in darkness to ascertain the level of compliance with the documentation review and the legislative requirements.

Reporting of outcomes
MSA delivered a report to the SPA outlining the outcomes of the audit. This report detailed any areas where non-compliances with the regulations or plans were identified and measures they needed to make to achieve compliance. The report also highlighted recommendations where management of the closures could be improved to provide for safe movement of marine traffic from the boat ramp at Patterson River out into Port Phillip Bay.

The SPA are experts in civil construction and working in a marine environment was unfamiliar to them. MSA were able to provide their knowledge and expertise in this area to provide assurance and recommendations that the management of the waterway they had in place was not only compliant with legislation, but also provided for the safe transit of marine traffic through the river.

The Victorian Government's circa $6.9 billion Level Crossing Removal project will see the removal of 50 of Melbourne's most dangerous and congested level crossings by 2022, with at least 20 of these removed by 2018.

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