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Maritime Survey Australia have been involved with Cann River based boatbuilder, Whitepointer Boats since 2006 and recently completed an initial commercial survey on one of their latest fishing vessels, a Whitepointer 263L.

Aimed at professional fishermen and serious offshore recreational fishers, the Whitepointer 263L features state of the art production techniques involving the use of High Tech glass in the floor and stress areas, which greatly increases its structural integrity, reduces its weight and eliminates the chance of rot often seen in the use of traditional timber construction methods.

Built to the highest standards in the Australian marine industry, the 8 metre, 700hp rated Whitepointer 263L boasts exceptional turning characteristics, visibility and manoeuvrability in the most challenging conditions. With a range of optional extras including a hardtop cabin, long range fuel tank (up to 650Lt) and a dive door, the highly versatile Whitepointer 263L is also suitable for use as an abalone vessel, high-speed taxi, recreational boat and a dive charter boat.

Production Manager Erick Hyland has a long history with Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) boat construction with all boats built to either 2C or 3C survey specifications in accordance with Marine Safety Australia and AMSA.

For more information regarding the Whitepointer range, visit or phone Erick Hyland on 0488 582 057.

Initial Commercial Survey Fishing Vessel - Whitepointer 263L

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An Initial Survey is the inspection of a vessel, generally for the first time, to assess and approve its design and construction against the requirements of the NSCV or other standards that apply under Marine Order 503 (Certificates of Survey National Law) 2013.

Our initial marine surveyors will liaise with the vessel builder and designer to check compliance against the relevant survey standards to minimise delays, or prevent any last-minute headaches, to ensure a vessel is able to comply as a Domestic Commercial Vessel.

Initial survey comprises three phases:

Design Approval Phase - This includes the approval of design drawings for a new vessel, or assessment of an existing vessel structure, against design standards.

Construction Phase - This is the program of inspection during a vessel’s construction against the approved design. The inspections vary for each vessel and includes the inspection of welds, fibreglass laminate lay up, buoyancy foam, materials and equipment, and surveys during the construction of the vessel.

Commissioning Phase - The process by which a vessel and its systems are trialled and tested to ensure the vessel functions as designed and meets applicable standards. This includes trials and tests of the vessel and systems essential to safety, type of safety equipment, assessment of intact and damage stability, and reliability of on-board machinery.