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MSA Handy tips
MSA Handy tips
By admin
February 25, 2019

MSA Handy tips

Safety First

  • Slow down. Slower speeds allow better reaction time.
  • If you have trim tabs – use the trim tabs carefully. Too much down tab can force the bow into oncoming waves, while no tabs allow the hull to plane as designed.
  • Keep an eye on the radar or satellite weather. It’s always easier to go around a storm than through one. Check out the BOM website or another that you’re comfortable with.
  • Tell your designated person where you are going
  • Alter your course to take advantage of more favourable sea conditions.
  • Carry plenty of fuel.
  • Wear a life jacket.
  • Complete a passage plan.

Survey record book

Ensure that your administration is on order and all the following is on board the vessel if applicable:

  • Certificate of Survey and Certificate of Operation is displayed
  • Safety Management System
  • Stability Book
  • Copies of Life Raft Certificates
  • Copies of last Electrical insulation test and compliance report
  • Garbage Management plan
  • Nautical publications
  • Corrected charts

Archive old Certificates and documents from the vessel. (Make sure you keep them in a safe place)

If you have not received your MSA Survey Record Book contact your MSA surveyor or


Marine Radio Operators Handbook

Do you have one on board? This is a commercial vessel requirement (NSCV C7B) for vessels operating with VHF Radio. Ensure you have one on board.  Contact for your free PDF version.

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