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Pre-Purchase Vessel Survey

The survey of an existing vessel afloat, or out of water inspection, in accordance with the USL Code, NSCV or Class Society standards.

Pre-Purchase Vessel Survey

A pre-purchase survey is primarily carried out on behalf of potential buyers, but it is also used by banks, insurance companies and P&I clubs as part of their due diligence requirements.

A pre purchase boat inspection consists of a rapid examination afloat of all readily accessible areas to ascertain the vessel’s condition and is usually carried out in no more than one day.A Pre-Purchase survey provides the following:

  • Provides an independent evaluation of the condition of your vessel.
  • Helps you demonstrate the operational reliability of your vessel, regardless of their age.
  • Helps in the early identification of deficiencies, maximising use and reducing unplanned maintenance.
  • Assists in maximising residual asset value.

Examination of Records

Whenever you are planning to buy an existing vessel, you need an accurate history of the vessel to help you evaluate the investment potential. Without such information, defects arising from historical deficiencies may jeopardise the commercial viability of your proposed acquisition. And vessels that do not meet specific survey requirements may not even qualify for certification.

We can examine vessel records and prepare a confidential marine survey report based on our findings that will help you assess the commercial viability of your acquisition.

Periodic Commercial Vessel Survey by Maritime Survey Australia

Maritime Survey Australia (MSA) provide Marine Surveying services in accordance with the Marine Safety (Domestic Commercial Vessel) National Law Act 2012.

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