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Shipping Surveys and Inspections

We offer a broad range of services to promote safety and operational efficiency. Our Surveyors are frequently engaged in audits of ships and systems.

Marine Surveyor - Shipping Surveys

Shipping Surveys and Inspections

We offer a broad range of services to promote safety and operational efficiency. Our Surveyors are frequently engaged in audits of ships and systems.

Maritime Survey Australia can provide an independent overview of how a particular ship or shipowner is performing against a recognised standard. Our Surveyors, drawing on both their seagoing experiences and their knowledge in the Marine surveying field will help you make the right decisions for your business, based on the best technical knowledge and insight.


  • Bunker Surveys
  • Pre-purchase conditions surveys
  • On-hire and off-hire
  • Surveys of fixed and floating objects
  • Hydro carbon and Chemical Load/Discharge – Bulk Liquid
  • Pre-Vetting (Pre Rightship)
  • Pre SIRE Inspections


  • Navigational Audits,
  • ISM & ISPS Audits,
  • Pre SIRE inspections and best practice training
  • Company specific navigation audits.
Pre Port State Control Inspection Vessel 05 - Maritime Survey Australia

On Hire and Off Hire Survey:

Overview: Surveys carried out to state the ship condition prior to or after her chartering. The main purpose is to record deficiencies or damages.

Benefits: To minimise this source of dispute between the shipowner and the charter, Maritime Survey Australia will carry out an on-hire survey on delivery or/and an off-hire survey on redelivery. The surveyor will sound the tanks, calculate and certify the fuel that is on board.

Bunker Survey:

Overview: Maritime Survey Australia will determine the quantity of bunkers on board at commencement or completion of a charter, To inspect the holds/tanks and other structures for current condition and damages that are pre existing at the time of charter

Benefits: Independent verification of bunker quantities so that an agreed quantity of bunkers passes from one party to another. To protect parties in even of damages to cargo holds or structure were sustained during the period of the charter.

Condition Survey:

Overview: A conditional survey may be completed in association with a bunker survey. The conditional survey is performed to inspect and record the condition of the loading gear, cargo holds and hatches of the vessel.

Benefits: MSA will provide you with documented independent proof of the actual condition of the vessel you are buying, chartering or using. Our report can be used to substantiate claims that may arise as a result of damage to the vessel or cargo.

Hydro carbon and Chemical Load/Discharge – Bulk Liquid:

Overview: Maritime Survey Australia provides a survey, inspection and supervision services of all petroleum and chemical cargoes, including pre-shipment inspections, quantity surveys

Benefits: Maintains product quantity and ensuring the product is not compromised during load or discharge times. Inspection of ships tanks prior to discharge to determine the quantity and to ascertain whether any shortages.

Pre-Vetting (Pre Rightship) inspection:

Overview: Inspection of the vessel to give owner/operators independent insight into the performance of both the vessel and crew as per Rightship standards for bulk vessels and as per SIR OCIMF standards for Tankers.

Benefits: Minimising environmental and commercial costs by identifying issues before they lead to major problems. Un-resolved work could lead to increased inspections by Port State Control authorities. The vessel may be blacklisted from terminals/ports if it doesn’t comply with local and global regulations.

ISM, ISPS, MLC and Navigational Audits:

Overview: Maritime Survey Australia will audit on behalf of companies with regards to compliance of the ISM,ISPS and MLC 2006. Maritime Survey Australia can also complete company specific navigational audits.

Benefits: Carrying out internal Safety Management Code (SMS) audits companies measure the effectiveness of their own systems. This reduce the Non Confirmatory reports and observations, received by the vessel when carrying out an external Audit.

Pre-SIRE Inspections:

Overview: The vessel may not be ready for a SIRE inspection. Most ship operators rely on the database of past inspections / observations when arranging the SIRE inspection. Though this is a good practice, there is still room for the improvement.

Benefits: Maritime Survey Australia Marine provides detailed guidelines (Risk Based) on SIRE / CDI VIQ to identify the gaps and uncover areas of improvement.

Port Captaincy:

Overview: Survey to determine the condition of the cargo at both load and destination port. Carried out prior to loading or discharge. Potentially supporting insurance requirements and carriers’ liability. Service delivered for tankers and Bulk Carriers.

Benefits: Verifying the quality, condition and quantity of each break bulk item on behalf of the owner/receiver. Recommendations are made with reference to loading, stowage and securing, to prevent damage to cargo and vessel.

Load Master / Port Superintendency:

Overview: Supervise load/discharge operations in coordination with vessel and terminal to optimise stow, safety and load/discharge operations

Benefits: Recommendations are made with reference to load/discharge, stowage to optimise port call operations and to deliver safe operations.

Maritime Survey Australia (MSA) provide Marine Surveying services in accordance with the Marine Safety (Domestic Commercial Vessel) National Law Act 2012.

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