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Naval Architecture
Naval Architecture Solutions


Naval Architecture Solutions

Maritime Survey Australia’s Naval Architects partner with owners and operators to design vessels that are truly suited for their intended operations. This is achieved by our ability to listen, teamed with experience gained working on vessel and in shipyards. We apply engineering solutions to meet the desired outcomes of each client.

Design Services

Our naval architectural design services include:

  • Concept, Preliminary and Detailed Design
  • Hull Form Design / Definition
  • Structural Design
  • Conversion, Modification and Repair Specifications & Enngineering
  • Repower Design Studies and Engineering
  • Drafting / 3D modelling
  • Weight Estimation
  • ABP Builders Plate Calculations
  • Foam Buoyancy Calculations

Stability Services

Our naval architectural stability services include:

  • Stability Books for Approval Including;
    > Intact Stability Analysis
    > Damage Stability Analysis Including Probabilistic Damage Stability
  • Inclining experiments
  • Simplified Stability Tests
  • Lines Plans and Hull Modelling for Existing Hulls
  • Lifting Analysis (Crane)
  • Towing Analysis
  • Load Line Freeboard Calculations

Project Services

Our naval architectural project services include:

  • Tender Specification Review
  • New Build Cost Estimation
  • Conversion / Modification Cost Estimate
  • Owners Representative Services
Naval Architecture - Design Services
Naval Architecture - Stability Services
Naval Architecture - Project Services

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