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Pre Port State Control (PSC) Inspections

MSA is able to provide shipping companies with a Pre-Port State Control Survey to ensure vessels comply with minimum standards of maritime safety, seafarer welfare and environmental standards as set out by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

Pre Port State Control (PSC) Inspection

Australia is a signatory to various IMO and International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions which aim to ensure ships are safe. AMSA is the statutory authority empowered to perform an enforcement function, regulating the maritime trade in Australia through the implementation of rigorous flag State control (FSC) and PSC regimes.

Ships and operators with a record of poor performance can be banned from entering or using Australian ports under section 246 of the Navigation Act 2012

MSA works with the ship owners and crew to increase awareness of areas of particular concern to improve PSC performance.

MSA endeavours to highlight any detainable deficiencies or detentions to the crew and ship owners. MSA also provides the crew and ship owners.

Pre PSC Inspection: This can reduce the risk of delays and detention through improvements in operational procedures and increased crew member knowledge. MSA tailor an inspection and a report of the vessel to your need.

The MSA Pre PSC inspection covers:

  • port state control ship risk profiles in use by the major MOU regions and the effect on periodic inspections
  • awareness of overriding and unexpected factors that can trigger additional inspections
  • deficiencies that have a higher risk of leading to a detention that crew members should be aware of
  • the behaviour expected from crew members by port state control officers during an inspection
  • detention appeals and what action to take if a detainable deficiency is identified
  • the benefit of ensuring that the requirements of the MLC and ISM Code are implemented effectively at sea.
And – yes . it was exactly what we were looking for. To have the awareness of a gd crew kept up and as you mentioned also to “many of the questions asked by the crew to reinforce their knowledge”. Many thanks once again from my end to have it made up to Port Headland…
– Rene’ Sommer – Chief Technical Superintendent (Peter Dohle – Schiffahrts-KG)Pre PSC Inspection Client review
Pre Port State Control Inspection with Maritime Survey Australia

Further to our Pre PSC Inspections our surveys and services also include:

  • Project cargoes such as windmill projects and heavy lifts
  • Tanker inspection and pre vetting
  • Pre Rightship inspections
  • Implementation and audit of ISM/ISPS
  • Company specific Navigation audits
  • Inspection of lashings and securing of general cargo
  • Container inspections
  • Cargo Superintendency/Port Captain, to expedite cargo operations in port.

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