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Safety Management System
Improve your safety culture


Safety Management System

All Domestic Commercial Vessel operators in Australia are required to have a documented Safety Management System (SMS) in place. The basis for a SMS is Part E of the National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV). With a Safety Management System (SMS) you will gain insight into the quality of the safety culture in your operation and provide specific and practical recommendations for an improved safety culture.

SMS Benefits

Maritime Survey Australia assess the safety measures that concern your vessel operation:

  • Reduce the likelihood for major accidents by taking into account the factors that influence the human element
  • Support the development of a safe and efficient working environment
  • Ensure transparent and continuous improvements in your safety culture
  • Implement a safety management strategy that allows you to identify and control necessary operational and technical barriers.

Supported by the Ocean Time Marine Safety Management System (SMS) software, our consultants have in-depth and cross-disciplinary experience with identifying what factors influence and can improve performance. Our work is tailored to address the needs that are relevant to your vessel operation. Using a simple approach to assessing risk and developing a SMS in a language we all understand.


Spend more time doing what you are paid for and allow the software/template to guide you in developing a SMS in an acceptable format for the National Regulator (AMSA).

Develop your own SMS

See why so many vessel operators and Marine Surveyors are choosing the Ocean Time Marine SMS software/template to develop a SMS. Get started today developing your own SMS by placing your order here.
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