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Vessel Tender Specifications & Evaluations
Maritime Survey Australia provide services to assist owner/operators to make informed decisions and mitigate the risks involved in the procurement of vessels to meet the operational and performance needs for the intended service.


Vessel Tender Specifications & Evaluations


When purchasing a vessel to meet the specific operational and performance needs of an owner/operator there are significant risks involved. Informed decisions are critical to ensure the vessel delivered provides the function, performance and regulatory compliance required, on time and on budget. If this is not managed well there are risks of delays, under performance, budget blowouts and a vessel that may not meet the operational needs required.


Be it vessel procurement, construction or refit, through our tender support services, we help you find answers to questions like these. You can draw on our extensive expertise to efficiently guide you through the complicated and time-intensive procurement process.


Our turnkey service offers an affordable way of fulfilling your needs. We support you throughout the procurement process to help you produce the best outcome.


This includes:

  • Consultation with operators to understand operational requirements
  • Developing tender specifications
  • Tender briefings
  • Independent tender evaluations
  • Client representation during construction
  • Compliance and acceptance trials before hand over
By developing specifications at the tender phase this sets out the function and performance requirements at the outset. This then allows measurable evaluation at the tender phase and during acceptance of the vessel, mitigating the risks to the client associated with the procurement of the vessel.

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