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MSA to partner with Glosten and One2three on the new AIMS research vessel

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AIMS Research vessel

Maritime Survey Australia to partner with Glosten and One2three on the new research vessel for the Australian Institute of Marine Science

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Design team Glosten and One2three Naval Architects who will be designing a new research vessel for the Australian Institute of Marine Science.

MSA has a strong history of working with Universities and Research Vessels and look forward to working with AIMS on this project.

The design team will create three mono and multi-hull concepts to replace the RV Cape Ferguson each featuring increased capacity and expanded research capabilities. The final selected concept will support the study of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and the marine ecosystems that surround it.

The new vessel will be bigger and more capable than the RV Cape Ferguson with a larger working deck, room for more scientists on board, and the ability to act as a multi-technology and sensor platform, coordinating a range of autonomous systems. The design team will produce three concepts for consideration by AIMS, including multi-hulled options.

Research vessels are integral and essential to Australia’s marine research capability, giving our scientists access to the diverse habitats that make up the remote and tropical waters and enabling them to conduct experiments at sea.

The new research vessel will replace the R/V Cape Ferguson, which joined AIMS’ research fleet in 2000 and is now at the end of its operational life.

“Integrating requirements of the ocean science community with accepted maritime practice has been a key to Glosten’s success as research vessel designers.

By partnering with Glosten and One2three we’re adding invaluable Research Vessel, design and multi-hull experience to the team. The collaborative design process is due for completion by June 2024.

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