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Leon Gilby

Leon Gilby

Leon Gilby

Member Nautical Institute, London | Certified IIMS surveyor with specialization in Oil and Chemical tanker operations.

A young, dynamic 3rd generation seafarer and pro-active master mariner who holds the highest grade of seafarer qualification: An unlimited master’s license. It has no limits on the tonnage, power, or geographic location of the vessel allowed to serve upon. it reflects the highest level of professional qualification amongst mariners.

Leon has completed satisfactory numerous Port state inspections and Major oil company vetting and Safety/ security audits. Leon is a certified DNV ISM and ISPS auditor with extensive experience of dry docking of vessels for major repairs.

Leon has also had experience as a Marine Capt Superintendent in charge of the training of Deck Apprentices who are studying to join the merchant navy in order to become and qualify to be a Marine deck officer.

Leon’s other shipping experience has been:

  • Carrying out Survey as a consultant and Sole Trader:
  • Consultancy on various marine related issues.
  • Project cargoes/ Windmill projects, heavy lifts.
  • Tanker inspection and pre vetting.
  • Pre AMSA preparations and checks
  • Consultancy in implementation and audit ISM/ISPS.
  • Company specific navigation audits.
  • Inspection of lashings and securing of general cargo.
  • Container inspections.
  • Cargo Superintendency/Port Captain, Expedite cargo operations in port.
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