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Fishing Charter Vessel, Think Big
Periodic Vessel Survey & Compass Adjustment

Operating out of Stony Point (Crib Point), Think Big Fishing Charters have been offering their clients a personalised fishing experience on the waters of Westernport and Port Phillip Bay for more than a decade.  MSA recently completed a periodic vessel survey and compass adjustment on their original Coota Craft Big Ram named Think Big.

One of the last Big Ram models built by Mallacoota based boat builder Coota Craft, the Think Big, built to Class 2D survey is in immaculate shape.  Her 6.66mete hull, constructed from hand-laid Divynicell makes for a stable ride, and her powerful 300HP Suzuki Four Stroke V6 outboard 2017 model, with 17″ Solas Stainless prop helps her to reach a fast cruise speed of 35 knots with ease.

Fully kitted with the latest technology, she boasts a Lowrance HDS 5 GPS & Furuno 587 Sounder as well as a backup Lowrance X-135 Sounder, allowing her to reach any part of Western Port in complete safety.  Adding to this long list of impressive features, she also has a Lone Star G2-1000D winch, Hi-pressure deckwash, Quad battery system, 1000 litre underfloor storage, 330lts of fuel, twin 1500LPH bilge pumps, 20 electrical circuits and a massive array of lighting.

Skipper Shaun Furtiere, or Fruits as he’s often known, is a passionate & dedicated fisherman who’s career started back at the age of 5 when he was taught the art of spearfishing, and cray and abalone diving by his father.  Today, Shaun and his team with their wealth of knowledge and experience offer their clients unforgettable fishing experiences in Westernport, Port Phillip and further afield.

For more information or to book your next fishing charter, contact Shaun on 0423 696 061, or visit

Fishing Charter Vessel, Think Big - Periodic Vessel Survey and Compass Adjustment

Compass adjustment, repairs, and replacement can be completed by one of our AMSA licensed compass adjusters

Contact Us for Compass Adjustment, Repairs or Replacements

Adjustment of compass

For the proper adjustment of a magnetic compass on a vessel, the details of any compass deviations observed during the operation of the vessel must be recorded by the Master in the vessel log or compass deviation book. Have this available at the time of survey or audit.

Marine Order 504 requires a system of regular programmed inspection and maintenance for a vessel, its machinery and equipment to be developed and maintained, which includes any compass on board. This requirement ensures compass accuracy is periodically monitored.

Compasses shall be capable of adjustment to a deviation of not more than 5 degrees in any direction.

A magnetic compass on a vessel must be adjusted if: 

a)         observations show a deviation of the compass on any heading of more than 5°; or

b)         the vessel has undergone repairs or alterations which may affect the accuracy of the compass; or

c)          the vessel has not previously operated from any port or place in Australia.


What type of Compass do I need?

Design and construction 

Class A ISO 25862:2009

Class B ISO 25862:2009

Less than 20m ISO 14227:2001


Minimum size of Compass Card

Less than 10m75mm
10m and over but less than 20m100mm
20m and over125mm


A Magnetic Compass is the only instrument on board which does not depend on any electrical source for the vessels heading attitude. This means that in the case of failure of navigation instruments (difficult but not impossible) the magnetic compass will allow you to navigate to your next safe harbour or port. When installed properly, a good compass serves as a reliable, simple tool for setting and keeping a course.

Today the magnetic compass completes any navigation system and provides a source free of main power failures. Magnetic compasses can provide headings within a precision of a half degree (+/- 0.5º), provided that the compass has been adjusted properly. Magnetic compasses are the most well-known type of compass. They have become so popular that the term “compass” almost always refers a magnetic compass. While the design and construction of this type of compass have changed significantly over the centuries, the concept of how it works has remained the same.

Make contact with one of our licensed compass adjusters to make a booking and ensure compliance.
Once the compass swing or adjustment has been completed, a report is issued to the vessel operator and also sent to the National Regulator AMSA.

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